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A number of strategies that allow us to look at the tip before running. The methodology came to revolutionize the way to find innovative solutions to problems, creative solutions focused on the real needs of the market and not on statistical assumptions.



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Lovecine Drive-in - Creative direction and strategy at the first drive-in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lovecine Drive-in.png

Client​: Party Industry

Role: Creative & Strategy Director

Success with the public and with critics, Lovecine Drive-in, located at Jeunesse Arena - Rio de Janeiro, presented great films and shows that animated the community respecting and collaborating in the development of the manual of conduct with all safety rules to the detriment from Covid-19.

↓ work file ↓

Heineken - Artistic, creative and strategic leader in the F1 Senna Tribute in São Paulo, Brazil.

Client​: Red Door Agency

Role: Creative & Artistic Leader

Demo: View Website

Like every hero, ours also inspired tributes of all kinds, from songs to coins with their faces printed, from graffiti to Doodle, from samba to the TV series. Ayrton Senna transcends the limits of motorsport, reaching everywhere, in all people, in all tribes, and even today he is an icon remembered all over the world.

↓ work file ↓

Galantis - Creative and strategic direction for Tour of the Swedish DJ duo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Client​: Party Industry

Role: Creative & Strategy Director

One of the best lives in the world, the Swedish duo Galantis, happened at Maracanãzinho, in The Epic format which was absurdly praised and had a light show signed by the master Muti Randolph, responsible for the D-EDGE project.


↓ work file ↓

Mixtapes - Listen and do cool things. Share with your friends and let us know if you like them.


Project: Hub Records Mixtapes 

Role: Creative Director & Music Curation

Demo: Listen Now

We love creating playlists and mixing tapes on the side and sharing them with you. What we love about it is that we can share our favorite tracks and, at the same time, create works of art for these playlists, which is a secret passion of ours.

↓ work file ↓

This is not a party - Concept creation, unfolding and execution of the party that is not a party.

Project​: Isso não é uma Festa

Role: Creative Director & Artistic

If time is relative, there is no reason to waste it. Remember, you only live once. The space-time relationship may seem like a mystery, but it is precisely in this that we find the impulse of our energy. In fact, what moves you? Do you know where your energy comes from? Unlike images, experiences will never betray us. Go beyond. Feel alive.

↓ work file ↓

Peepz - Branding and pack design of disposable toilet for a company in Texas, United States.


Project: Disposable Toilet

Role: Logo, Pack Design & Identity 

Brand building for your new ally in personal hygiene. Intended for urine and vomiting, PeepzTech © technology minimizes unwanted odors through cellulose crystals that absorb and gelify the waste that is discharged. All in an organic and non-toxic way. The mouthpiece is comfortable, rubberized, flexible, anatomically adjusting the private parts and the mouth. Eco-friendly product and always with you.

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